Imaging examinations help out in planning your care

The imaging instruments at Pohjola Hospital represent the latest top technology so that as the customer your care experience will be as effective and pleasant as possible. You will always get a reference to imaging examinations from a doctor. The imaging examinations will help out in planning the care and provide the doctor with a map in surgery.

X-rays are taken on a Philips Digital Diagnost TH/SV. Radiation exposure caused by X-rays today is minimal. X-rays are a quick and reliable way to check the condition of joints and bones.

At Pohjola Hospital, we make cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans on a Planmed Verity scanner which produces extremely accurate cross-sectional and 3D images with low radiation exposure. The CBCT imaging can also be done with the patient standing, which gives us the chance to see the joints under strain.

The MRI scans, which are more exact than X-rays, are done with a Siemens Magnetom Skyra instrument, the most efficient on the market. Its open bore is wide, but the system design is short, which helps out in making the operation pleasant. The MRI scanner at Pohjola Hospital has the field strength of 3 Tesla, which allows more exact scans and faster scanning than before. The MRI causes no radiation exposure.