The right kind of rehabilitation speeds up the healing process

At Pohjola Hospital, top professionals in physiotherapy and occupational therapy are responsible for you rehabilitation. The physiotherapists at Pohjola Hospital take care of the injuries in their field of specialization, so that you’ll always receive the best and targeted rehabilitation. The occupational therapist at Pohjola Hospital is specialized in hand injuries and in the rehabilitation of the upper extremity injuries.

Perfectly timed and carefully completed rehabilitation will help you to heal faster. The rehabilitation is always customer-tailored, and the exercises adjusted to your life situation – paying attention to your work and hobbies. The rehab is most effective when you actively participate in exercising and also practice on your own.

At Pohjola Hospital, a physiotherapist or an occupational therapist assigned to you will look after your rehabilitation. You can always directly contact him/her if you have anything to ask about your rehabilitation.