Get your compensations sorted out for swift treatment

  1. Find out which insurance company you or your employer is a customer of.
  2. While checking in, let the Care Master know the name of your insurance company.
  3. After the reception, you will get the papers for the claims process.

Customers of OP Vakuutus can take care of the claims process in connection with their visit to the doctor’s at the OP Vakuutus desk, which is open on weekdays 8.00 a.m. – 10 p.m. If you are a customer in another insurance company and you do not have a compensation commitment for your visit, you make the payment to the Care Master. When you have the KELA card with you, the KELA compensation is automatically deducted and you can apply for compensation for the remaining amount to be paid from your own insurance company.

KELA compensations

KELA pays compensation for private doctor fees, for examinations and for treatment to most people living in Finland. Additionally, you may get compensation for the trips to medical treatment and for medicines prescribed by the doctor. You can also apply for sickness allowance for the disability days.