Terms of use for the site

These are the terms of use for the online services of Pohjola Health Ltd. Get thoroughly acquainted with them before you start using the online services. By visiting these pages you accept the terms as binding.

In addition to these terms, various pages may contain special, primarily applicable service-related terms.

The online services of Pohjola Health Ltd are meant for use in Finland. Regardless of where the services are used, Finnish laws apply.

Service provider

The main service provider for these pages is Pohjola Health Ltd, address: Puutarhurinkuja 2, 00300 Helsinki, phone 010 257 8100.

Responsibility of the service provider

The contents of the service are delivered “without obligation and as it is.” There is no guarantee on the contents of the service,[pilkku tähän] such as published texts, pictures, voice files, animations, counters and other possible information,[pilkku tähän] nor on the functioning of the service.

Pohjola Health Ltd is not responsible for the functioning of the services available in these online services nor for the activities of outside service providers or the contents of the services they offer.

Pohjola Health Ltd is not responsible for any expenses, losses or other possible damages which might be caused by using these pages nor for the advice or other information published in these pages. Pohjola Health Ltd does not guarantee that the pages work uninterruptedly or faultlessly.

The user’s responsibility

The user is responsible for the correctness and arrival of the information delivered by the user. The user assures and is responsible for that he shall not distribute any illegal or inappropriate material on these pages. The user is to use all appropriate means to make sure that the material sent has no viruses or is harmful in any other way.

Intellectual property

The copyright and other intellectual property of these pages belong to Pohjola Health Ltd or to a third party announced separately. The material may be looked at, browsed and saved on a customer’s terminal as well as partly printed out for personal use. Copying, saving, lending, forwarding and other type of exploiting of the material, or parts thereof, presented in the online services of Pohjola Health Ltd is prohibited without a prior written consent by Pohjola Health Ltd.

Communication in the open information network

The confidentiality of e-mails sent through the open information network cannot be guaranteed. Pohjola Health Ltd has the right, upon having been asked to by the customer, to send general information to the customer’s e-mail address or cell phone. Pohjola Health Ltd is not obliged to carry out assignments or service requests delivered by public e-mail. Pohjola Health Ltd will send sensitive, confidential material to an e-mail address or cell phone given by the customer only if the customer has consented to that. Pohjola Health Ltd is not responsible for damages caused by messages sent through the open communication network.

Other terms

Pohjola Health Ltd has the right at any time, without prior notice and for any reason, to change these terms of use, the contents, appearance and availability of these online service pages and of the services therein as well as the requirements of the devices needed for using the pages or to prevent access to these pages or to terminate the service. Pohjola Health Ltd has the right to interrupt the service for the duration of maintenance and updating work.